23rd February 2011


When it launched in Japan in July 2009, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV became the first electric car from a major manufacturer.

Now it has become the first electric vehicle to be crash-tested under the Euro NCAP system, securing a four-star rating.

The result, achieved through a comprehensive development process that included over 500,000km of testing, demonstrates that there is no compromise on safety with this zero emissions vehicle vs. a traditional petrol or diesel engine vehicle.

Making the best use of Mitsubishi’s advanced mid-ship architecture, the i-MiEV is powered by a compact and lightweight motor and a pack of high-energy density lithium-ion batteries located within a long 2,55m wheelbase.

Recently launched in 15 European countries including Ireland, the i-MiEV has already surpassed Mitsubishi’s sales expectations with 3,000 units shipped to the end of January 2011, and currently occupies the #1 sales spot in the A-Segment in Norway.

Further positive news for Mitsubishi vehicles in the latest round of EURO NCAP testing was delivered when the Mitsubishi ASX crossover secured a coveted five star rating.

The high level of built-in passive safety that helped to secure this rating is achieved through a very comprehensive safety package, which includes:

All of these measures compliment Mitsubishi’s RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) uni-body, which brings dramatic advances in multi-directional impact safety performance.

As a fundamental starting point, this proprietary design disperses energy loads during side and rear impacts and controls distortion, enhancing occupant protection and also helping to protect the fuel system during a rear impact.

Other passive safety features include:

For optimum pedestrian protection, the front bumper, bonnet, fenders and cowling all employ impact energy absorbing structures. These elements provide an effective crumpling zone without affecting the strength or flexibility of the body. The internal structure of the front bumper is designed to provide an energy-absorbing zone, while the placement of appropriate material and a lower bumper beam reduces pedestrian leg injury.

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Full details including photography are available on the Mitsubishi Motors Ireland press website:

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